HAKEN services

We connect the ideal people for your workplace.

If you are looking for a regional, safe, and fast HAKEN (temporary staffing) service, leave it to SHIN-EI SOGO SERVICE.

Since our establishment in 1990, SHIN-EI SOGO SERVICE has provided personnel to over 300 companies in the Hamamatsu city area. In our company, we assign a dedicated person to each client and manage HAKEN workers, striving to offer the most qualified personnel according to the clients' needs. In 2003, we obtained ISO9001 certification, an international standard for quality management systems, to further enhance the quality of our service and ensure customer satisfaction.

For HAKEN workers, we have created a secure environment to ensure they can work with peace of mind. This includes support for the generation raising children through the "SHIN-EI HOIKUEN" daycare, which operates even on holidays. Additionally, for foreign workers, we not only check visas and residence permits but also facilitate renewals without the worker needing to take time off during the work days.

At "FUTURO" (Center for Supporting the Self-Sufficiency of People with Disabilities), we are committed to providing support to people with disabilities and their families, increasing the employment rate of people with disabilities. In our subsidiary "SINCERO," we act as a representative of "TOKIO MARINE," dealing with damage insurance and working to ensure safety during the commute to work by automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles.
On the other hand, at our company, we consider compliance as one of our top priorities. We work closely with legal consultants and social and labor insurance consultants to ensure strict compliance with laws in our daily operations, to respond promptly to new laws and changes. We conduct thorough management, including tax payments through attached documents, participation in labor and social insurance, and detailed monitoring of overtime hours and the use of paid leave. Faced with constant changes in labor laws, such as the HAKEN Labor Law and Labor Standards Law, we adjust our internal regulations and operations to promptly meet customer requests.

Internal Outsourcing Activities

We leverage our expertise in HAKEN to take on our clients' production.

We leverage our expertise in HAKEN to take on our clients' production.

Regardless of Japanese language proficiency, we assure exceptional talent and contribute to our clients' businesses while maintaining strict control over Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Service (QCDS).

Our Internal Outsourcing Activities started in 2016 in response to our clients' demands. Under the leadership of experienced management-level employees in the manufacturing sector, the organization grew to over 100 employees, primarily foreigners, in just one year. Our strength lies in the local recruitment capability we've developed through our HAKEN business and the education and training infrastructure we've created to enable foreign workers, even those without proficiency in Japanese, to excel. This strength has enhanced the skills of foreign workers, who already had manufacturing experience, and established a stable and efficient production system.

Unlike HAKEN businesses, in internal outsourcing activities, clients do not have command authority, so it is necessary to discuss which processes will be included in the outsourcing contract. On the other hand, internal outsourcing activities are not subject to the restrictions of the HAKEN Law, eliminating concerns about daily hiring prohibition principles and termination dates. Additionally, we can relieve the client's human resources and production management burden (recruitment, training, and attendance management), which can result in reduced human resources and management costs. We will consider the merits and disadvantages of Internal Outsourcing and HAKEN businesses and present proposals that meet our clients' needs, so please feel free to contact us for guidance.

Similar to our HAKEN businesses, our Internal Outsourcing activities strictly hold on to regulations, and in addition to QCDS, we also practice a variety of multifaceted activities in the manufacturing process, including safety and health education, 5S, and improvement activities. We promise to grow as a reliable partner in product creation and meet our clients' expectations.

Shin-Ei Hoikuen

Developing children's potential through a multicultural Hoikuen.

At Shin-Ei Hoikuen, we provide childcare that values each child's individual roots and identities while preparing them for the transition to local public schools.

Shin-Ei Hoikuen (formerly known as Shin-Ei Lândia), were founded in November 2004 to providing a safe working environment for Shin-Ei employees and their children. We are a vibrant and multicultural Hoikuen where children from 0 to 5 years old of various nationalities come together. In 2017, we received approval from the Hamamatsu City Community Childcare Program and changed our name from Shin-Ei Lândia to Shin-Ei Hoikuen. Currently, we accept children from the local community, regardless of their nationality, in addition to the children of Shin-Ei employees.

In our Hoikuen, we embrace a multicultural childcare approach and emphasize experiential activities both inside and outside the Hoikuen. Through Japanese and International seasonal events, children have the opportunity to experience different cultures and traditions. Additionally, we regularly organize trips to parks and facilities, allowing children to experience the four seasons and enjoy outdoor activities. Regarding Japanese language learning, we teach not only through daily care in Japanese but also through "Word Game Lessons" to enhance Japanese speaking and pronunciation. For 4- and 5-year-olds, we offer practices in hiragana, katakana, numbers, and simple calculations using the "Yokomine" method. Furthermore, we provide "Portuguese Lessons" for Brazilian children to promote the learning of their native language.

During their Hoikuen period, children can experience group behaviors. In addition to daily care activities, events such as sports festivals and performance of dance/music contribute to the individual development of children, strengthening their communication and cooperation skills, and preparing them for a smooth transition to primary school.

While Japanese communication is fundamental to children's learning at the Hoikuen, we have staff who speak Portuguese and other foreign languages, ensuring that non-Japanese-speaking families feel comfortable. Additionally, to accommodate the needs of parents working at the factory, we also offer childcare services during holidays. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Center for Support for the Autonomy of People with Disabilities – Futuro

Share your concerns about life and work with us.

At Futuro, we provide support and information regarding employment for foreign residents, and their families, who are facing difficulties due to illnesses or disabilities.

We founded Futuro in April 2019 to support foreigners who, due to language and cultural barriers, may have been excluded from the Japanese social welfare system. We value teamwork in addressing challenges that individuals and families cannot resolve on their own. In addition to providing information, we also act as intermediates between individuals and their families, government agencies, hospitals, and social welfare institutions, always respecting the preferences of those involved. Furthermore, we have staff who speak Portuguese, ensuring that even those who do not speak Japanese can use our services with confidence.

In December 2022, we also launched the Employment Support Center for Foreign People with Disabilities Type B Futuro. Type B is a Welfare Service that offers paid vocational training through light work for people with disabilities who have difficulty finding employment in regular companies. We take into consideration the specific health and disability characteristics of each person, allowing them to acquire the skills and mindset required for regular employment through practical work. We are dedicated to offering more practical assistance, aiming the regular job opportunities. (Detailed information about the center can be found here

We will work to create better services and a safe place where you can say 'It was good to come to Futuro.' Our team will dedicate itself to helping each person achieve the future they envision.

About us

Company Profile

Company Name Shin-Ei Sogo Service Co., Ltd.
Address 1-2-15 Saiwai, Chuo-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
President Kazuyo Kato
Capital 10 Million Yen
Date of Establishment February 2, 1991
Major Banks Shizuoka Bank, Hamamatsu Shinkin Bank, Resona Bank
Our Services

Worker Dispatching, Private Employment Service, Contract Manufacturing, Preschool, Employment Support for Persons with Disability

Visa Application Agency Service

【Business License】

  • General Worker Dispatching Undertaking (#22-300104)
  • Charged Employment Placement Services (#22-ユ-300237)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality) *First acquisition in worker dispatching business
Subsidiary Company

Sincero Co., Ltd.

  • Insurance agent of Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Automobile repair, sales and inspection
  • Property management

President's Greetings

Valuing Connections between People.


Our company started providing HAKEN services, primarily for Brazilians, in 1990. This initiative was born out of a request from an acquaintance to look after three young Brazilian men, which ultimately led to our journey into the world of human resources.

During that time, Japanese laws and lifestyles were not as prevalent among Brazilians, and it was quite challenging to help them understand the differences between Brazil and Japan. However, we continued to support them with all our might, driven by the idea that we wanted to provide the best possible support to those we had the privilege to meet through fate. Simultaneously, we have been educating them on Japanese culture and legal knowledge necessary for working and living in Japan, all based on the theme of "coexistence and mutual prosperity”.

While the majority of our employees are Brazilian, in recent years, individuals from various countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Peru, and China have also come to our company seeking employment.

Even as we adapt to the diversification of our workforce, we remain steadfast in our commitment to coexistence and mutual prosperity. We consider this to be our corporate mission as we focus on human resource education and development for the next generation.

In the future, our company will continue to provide human resource services that offer peace of mind through such corporate efforts. Guided by our management philosophy, which centers on "gratitude, customer satisfaction, and the realization of dreams," we will treasure the connections between individuals and their hearts. As one team, our staff will move forward, seeking your understanding and support.


Shin-Ei Sogo Service
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kazuyo Kato






Based on this philosophy, our goal is to ensure that both customers and all employees are content with SHIN-EI.
To achieve this, we will focus on the following business principles.

Our aim is to nurture individuals who can express gratitude and say "thank you" to those around them, and to be people for whom others want to say "thank you."
②Mutual Prosperity
Our purpose is to build a relationship of trust between customers, employees, and SHIN-EI, so we can seek mutual prosperity.
③Fulfillment of Dreams
Our aim is the “fulfillment of dreams” for both SHIN-EI customers and employees.

Quality Policy

To provide services that please our customers,
we will conduct our business based on this policy.

  • Provide services that meet the needs of SHIN-EI customers and employees, seeking satisfaction and trust.
  • Strictly adhere to laws related to SHIN-EI's business.
  • We will work on improving our services by carefully analyzing the customer feedback.
  • Our goal is to become a company comprised of 【Respectful】 people, where all SHIN-EI employees can truly work in a "joyful," "friendly," and "fun" manner.

Main Office

  • 〒433-8123 Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi Chuo-ku Saiwai 1-2-15
  • TEL:053-472-6099
  • FAX:053-476-1118
  • Open hours:Weekdays (9:00~17:00)

Shin-Ei Hoikuen

  • 〒430-0906 Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi Chuo-ku Izumi 2-31-10
  • TEL:053-476-5955
  • FAX:053-472-9222
  • Open hours:Weekdays (9:00~16:00)


  • 〒430-0906 Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi Chuo-ku Sumiyoshi 3-22-12
  • TEL:053-488-7007
  • FAX:053-488-7008
  • Open hours:Weekdays (9:00~17:00)